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  • Voga – Closer

    Voga album is finally out!

    12 marzo 2018

    The brand new Voga Video Teaser

    12 dicembre 2017

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    Voga formed in Bergamo (Italy) in 2014, thanks to the singer and producer Francesco Roncalli  and the guitarist/lyricist Luca Breviario.
    The band’s born from the idea to combine an electronic dance sound with UK Indie music, so to still have the impact of a rockband and be able to overwhelm the audience during their live performances.
    This idea takes shape and becomes possible thanks to the arrenger and keyboardist Francesco Cavagnacchi that, with his Beatles
    and Muse influences, immediately leaves a mark and creates a perfect match with both the Editors-like sound of the guitar  of Luca Breviario and Francesco Roncalli’s voice melodies, generated by the combination between UK artists like Artic Monkeys  and Damien Rice and a more R n’B sound typical of Justin Timberlake.
    Soon after also the bass player Michele Mora and the drummer Federico Donati joined the band, so completing the rhythm section  and enhancing Voga sound even further.

    After many live performances in Italy and having received many positive feedback both in Italy and abroad, they decide to record  their first album at “la Residenza”, private studio of the singer Francesco Roncalli.
    Part of the mixing and the mastering were entrusted to Andrea de Bernardi and Eleven studio mastering, whereas  the graphic artwork was manage by Federico Richiusa.

    The official release date of Closer, that’s the name of the first album, was March 09th, 2018.





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